School Anthem


All students of St. Anthony’s School
Lift up your voice and with us praise
The praises of our school,
Join in our Anthem of Praise.

Rejoice you child with golden beam,
Thou silver moon with softer gleam,
Wake ye star, no longer has dream,
Your School fulfils all your dreams.

Thou rushing wind that art so strong,
Ye clouds that sail in success along
Roll ye over mighty and strong.
Join in our Anthem of Praise.

Let all things their Creator bless,
They imparts to our Alma Mater.
Sing we all in thankfulness
Join in our Anthem of Praise.

Our teachers all who day by day,
Unfoldest blessing on our way.
Fields of flowers their glory display.
Join in our Anthem of Praise

Thou flowing water pure and clear,
we sing our Praises to all who hear,
Eureka we sing and rejoice.
Heaven and nature find a voice Eureka we sing and rejoice
Swell creator Joyful song.

Bless all our staff and students here,
The wonder of our Alma Mater,
Long live our Alma Mater.
Join in our Anthem Of Praise,
So lift your voices and pray
God bless our school each day


Let’s all rejoice and sing
To the Lord for the Saint we so revere.
And raise our hearts in gratitude
And praise him in good cheer.
Let’s join with all who celebrate
This feast from year to Year,
Of St. Anthony the saint so great
To everyone so dear.

Ch: St. Anthony we love to sing to you,
St. Anthony you are our Saint so true.
St. Anthony we are so proud of you.
God Bless our Saint, Saint Anthony.

St. Anthony was friend of all,
He won hearts with a smile,
He lived up to his noble call
And worked hard at all the time
For poor abandoned ones his lot,
He gave his life entire
And never ceased to conquer
Souls his only one desire. Ch….

So while with joy we celebrate
And sing with voices clear,
We ask of this our Saint so great
To be with us right here.
And help us how live each day
The glorious life he led.
That we may strive on life’s pathway
the love of God to spread. Ch